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C-ONE Tws earphone

  • Min. Order:1000 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:25 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, T/T
  • Port:Shenzhen,Yantian
Shenzhen Juhui Weiye Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 10%
Main Products: STB BOX, Power Bank, Headphone, Speaker, Hub
Model No.: C-ONE Brand: CyberGear Place of Origin: China
Packing: color box


1) Wireless charging technology, by which theoxidizing issue is to be avoide.

2) Ergonomic earpieces fit to the auris, stayin stably.

3) 5.0mm TI speaker, optimized circuit andacoustic cavity promise excellent sound quality.

4) Mitsubishi antenna used to optimize thecircuit, which help to improve the connection between 2 earpieces and to thecellphone, it was              tested some 20m outside.

5) Use the Bluetooth 5.0 core IC with built-inextremely BLE, which prolong the music playing time some 20% than Bluetooth4.2.(6 hours in           default volume and 60 hours one fully cycle)

6) DSP provides much clear sound quality andstops echo possibilities.

7) AI voice assistant can simplify theoperation of your cellphone, you can control your cellphone simply by voicecommand.

8) It is a real stereo TWS, both earpieceswork no matter phone talk or music playing

9) Both earpieces can be paired to be one TWS,also can work separately.

10) The charging case door open and close by aflat spring, this unique design upgrades this product.

11) 3000mAh power bank can charge the earpieceabout 10 times, it also is an emergency power bank to your cellphone

12) It supports quick in/out(2.4A/2A)

13) High efficiency, the earpiece can be fullycharged within 1.5 hours, and the power bank charging time is about 1.5 hours

14) Main and auxiliaries canbe appointed to balance the power consumption.


Wireless charged TWSearbuds

AI Voice control

5.0mm TI speaker

Completely in ear designwith charging case

Two earbuds connectsstable

Bass/Pitch compatible

Ergonomic design, longtime wearing, no pain, not easily drop off

Voice prompt

DSP noise cancellation inMax

Digital echo suppression

Extremly BLE, low powerconsumption

Both earbuds works nomatter music or phone talk.

Incoming call prompt

Each earpiece can worksperately, and support Multi-points

Flat spring controlscharging case door open and close

Battery case comes with3000mAh power bank for phone

1 Type-c port supportquick in/out

High wireless chargingefficiency

Bluetooth version: 5.0(RTL)

Working distance: Class2(10m)


Earpiece battery:60mAh(551214)

Music playing time: Morethan 6 hours in default volume

Charging case chargingtimes: about 10 times

Earpieces standby: 200Hrs

Earpiece size:22*16.8*12mm

Earpiece weight: about 5geach

Power bank capacity:3000mAh(194133)

Power bank input:5V/2A(typical)

Power bank output:5V/1.6A(typical)

Wireless chargingcurrent: 30-70mA

Wireless effeciency:40%-50%

Wireless standby current:0.4mA

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